Will Jim Furyk hand over his '59' clubs?

Luke Donald's clubs at Conway Farms
Luke Donald via Twitter
Luke Donald's clubs have been on display since he shot a course-record of 61 there a few years ago. Now that Jim Furyk has posted a 59, will his sticks replace Donald's?
By John Holmes

Series: Golf Buzz

Published: Sunday, September 15, 2013 | 10:19 p.m.

Winning the Daytona 500 is every NASCAR driver's dream. But when they give you the trophy, they also take away your car and put it on display for a year.

The same kind of thing happened to Luke Donald when he set the course record at Conway Farms, the course that's been hosting the PGA Tour's BMW Championship the last several days. Donald set the low mark of 61 there a few years ago – and to commemorate his accomplishment, Conway Farms put his clubs up on the wall.

And there they remained – until Jim Furyk carded his 59 on Friday. So, finally, Donald might get to reclaim his precious sticks.

''Well at least I get my clubs back!,'' he tweeted on Sunday, adding the hashtags #CourseRecordSmashed and #Furyk59 along with the photo above of his clubs on display.

We should note that Donald said last week that he set the Conway Farms course record before ''they Luke-proofed'' the layout by adding some length and making a few other changes over the past few years. He said he wasn't sure what the low score had been since those changes were made.

Whatever it was, it became moot when Furyk signed his scorecard on Friday. And might we presume that the folks at the Farms have or will request his clubs? 

Wonder if he'll turn them over? We better keep an eye on Furyk's caddie, Fluff Cowan, on the final green Monday to see if some big scary dudes show up to confiscate them!

Okay, just kidding about that, but Furyk already has had to replace one item from his record round. The World Golf Hall of Fame requested a memento, so he signed his glove and turned it over to them.