Watch: Phil Mickelson's 8-iron breaks in midswing at Texas Open

Phil Mickelson
PGA Tour via YouTube
"What the heck" was all Phil Mickelson could say when his 8-iron broke into two pieces during a swing on Thursday.
By John Holmes

Published: Thursday, March 26, 2015 | 6:55 p.m.
Phil Mickelson's day had been challenging enough when he stepped into a fairway bunker about 150 yards away from the 12th green on Thursday at the Valero Texas Open. It went all the way to bizarre when the head of his 8-iron flew off during a sand shot.
"What the heck," Mickelson said after the shot. 
Mickelson originally took a different club into the bunker, then made a last-second switch to the 8-iron. His lie was flat, but his feet were well above the ball. He took a full swing – and both clubhead and ball went flying.
After the shot, Mickelson's caddie Jim MacKay told NBC's roving reporter Roger Maltbie that the shaft broke right above the ferrule.
Slow-motion replay shows that the club broke right at impact – and you could argue that Mickelson was a little lucky in that the softness of the sand might have kept the head from going any farther than it did, and possibly injuring someone. 
The head skipped through the sand, hit the bunker's lip and came to a harmless halt. But if that had happened on a hardpan lie, for example, there's no telling where the head might have ended up.
As for the ball, it advanced about 40 yards out into the fairway. Mickelson – after staring at his headless club in disbelief for a second – regrouped and managed a bogey on the 410-yard par 4.
Here's the video: