A Quick Nine: What's your favorite family golf moment?

Family Golf Month
Garthee family
During a recent round of golf, PGA.com Facebook friend Seth Garthee and his 6-year-old son, Bryce, nearly aced the same hole.
T.J. Auclair, Interactive Producer

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Published: Tuesday, July 03, 2012 | 11:09 a.m.

There are plenty of reasons to celebrate in the month of July. Along with the Fourth of July, it's also, "Family Golf Month."

"Family Golf Month," is a PGA of America initiative that encourages families to play golf together through a wide variety of programs designed to provide a structured, yet casual opportunity to learn and play golf. For Family Golf, local golf courses may be offering:

- Family Golf Clinics (1 to 3 hour programs for families to learn)
- Family Golf Play Days (events designed for you to play as a family)
- Get Golf Ready for Families (a series of lessons to learn and play together)
- Take Your Daughter to the Course Week, July 9-15
- Kids Play Free
- Sticks for Kids
- PGA Family Course
- Other Special Programs
- USGA-PGA Course Access

In the spirit of, "Family Golf Month," we asked you in PGA.com Facebook Nation to lend a helping hand and share with us your favorite family golf moment. We received hundreds of great answers. Below is a look at a collection of our favorites.

9. Words of encouragement from a loved one. OK, so we can't tell if this particular entry was tongue-in-cheek, but for the purposes of this story, we'll pretend it was sincere.

Facebook fan quote:

"Every time my wife says, 'have fun!'" -- Frank Kruger

8. Coaching family members. For some, coaching a loved one and watching them perform is more satisfying than a highlight in their own game.

Facebook fan quotes:

"My favorite moments are playing with my grandsons. I get to coach one of my grandsons' high school golf team." -- Dan Hatfield

7. Passing down knowledge from a loved one. This is similar to No. 8, but one of our Facebook friends was so touched by his late brother's help that it inspired him to pursue becoming a PGA Professional.

Facebook fan quote:

"Growing up having my late brother teach me to play the game and later using those lessons taught to me to teach other juniors as a PGA Apprentice." -- Justin Johnson

6. Beating your father for the first time. For anyone who has enjoyed a lifetime of family golf, beating dad for the first time is a huge milestone.

Facebook fan quote:

"Beating my father for the first time on the golf course in 2005!" -- Chris Lange

5. A family golf trip. Is there a better way to spend a vacation than on the golf course playing with the family?

Facebook fan quote:

"Keystone Colorado -- My dad, myself and two brothers. Last time we all could play together before dad passed cherished moments." -- Robert Michel

4. Attending a major golf event with family. The only thing that makes a major more special when you're in attendance is sharing the experience with a loved one.

Facebook fan quote:

"My dad and I attending the Ryder Cup at Muirfield in 1987." -- Jerome Bush

"In 1984, The Masters. My father, mother and I were there on Sunday when family friend, Ben Crenshaw, won his first Masters. Incredible!" -- Marc Rutrough

"Having the wife and my twin sons at a practice round at Augusta." -- Keith Cline

"Being at 2011 Masters with my dad, but best family moment is always U.S. Open Sunday on Father's Day!" -- Andrew Anthony

3. Watching your children succeed in the game. Whether it's pulling off a particular shot, breaking a milestone score, or winning a tournament, there are some proud parents and grandparents among PGA.com Facebook Nation.

Facebook fan quotes:

"My son's first varsity match win -- as a freshman! Many more favorite moments to come." -- Amy McHargue

"Watching my daughter hit a hole-in-one at her High School Regional golf tournament!" -- Kevin Arthur

"My oldest son's first year playing competitive golf on the U.S. Kids Tour and I'm his caddie." -- Glenn Smeal

"Seeing the pride in my father, who started teaching my son at 2 years old, caddying for him in his very first junior tournament a couples of months ago. This is where my 6-year-old son not only got his first, but second eagle! One on a par 5, two holes later he drove the green and made a 25-footer on a par 4. He also added another birdie for good measure that day. My dad was walking on air for awhile telling his golfing buddies and anyone who would listen." -- Jim Marrion

"Caddying for my 11-year-old son when he won the Junior Open at Santana GC by seven shots. Proudest moment ever!" -- Bradley Smith

2. Simply playing golf with your dad. It doesn't matter how young or old you are, playing a round of golf with dad never gets old.

Facebook fan quotes:

"Every moment I can spend with my father on the golf course is my favorite 'family' golf moment." -- Joseph Hellberg

"Annual Father's Day Golf Tourney!" -- Joseph Tyler Walski

"Every Father's Day. Golf with dad, then U.S. Open." -- Robert Shillinger

"Playing any day, any where, at anytime with my son. Like they say, 'it doesn't get any better than this.'" -- Les Page

1. Remembering a loved one because of golf. We saved these -- our favorite entries -- for last.

Facebook fan quotes:

"My husband instilled his love of golf to our children. He died last year so every time my 6-year-old is out there competing I see my husband's legacy. So every time they hit the course is my favorite family time." -- Paula Munoz Guzman

"Golfing with my dad and brothers in 2009 at a golf outing. It was the last time the four of us golfed together. Great memory." -- Jason Stariha

"Five years ago this year, playing with my now late father-in-law while on vacation in Door County. I had never beaten him before, but I was playing great this particular day and led most of the round. There was a storm rolling in that threatened to keep us from finishing. He asked me where we stood as we approached the 18th tee, and I was up by one. He looked back at the darkening clouds, then at me and said 'we're finishing!' My tee shot found the right rough, and his the middle of the fairway on the par-5 last hole. His second settled just 30 yards form the green, and mine the left greenside bunker. He chipped up to 3 feet or so for birdie, and my splash from the sand left me 10 feet for the same. I gave it a good run, but my putt missed by a couple inches on the high side and I tapped in for par. He now sized up his downhill left-to-right slider to tie. I knew it was in before he even struck the ball and he smiled at me as his ball found the bottom of the cup. 'Still never beat me,' he said, as we both counted up our round of 78. The reason why that is my favorite family golf story is because that is the last round I ever played with my wife's father, as he passed away three days later due to complications related to heat stroke. My wife and I were married three months later, and we named our first son William after him. We miss you, Bill." -- Matthew Ginn 



3. Watching your children succeed in the game.
I loved watching my son grow and learning the game of golf at out local golf course, Green Valley Country Club. He started with a cut down four wood at age seven and went on to play golf in High School, College and even became the Club Champion at GVCC. I loved to walk with him during amature tournaments.
Ken Garthee