Scene and Heard: Monday at the 2011 PGA Expo

crowd at Demo Day
Sam Grimaldi/Reed Exhibitions
Even in the heat of an August afternoon and evening, Monday's Demo Day activities drew a sell-out crowd.
John Kim Coordinating Producer

Series: PGA Feature

Published: Tuesday, August 23, 2011 | 12:18 a.m.

LAS VEGAS -- After a cross-country flight, you're not feeling that great as it is. But when you walk outside of the Vegas airport for the first time into 108-degree heat, your energy is totally zapped. It’s like a punch to the face. That stings.

Never let a Vegas cabbie say he wants to take you via highway to your Strip hotel. They will claim it's faster. It’s not – it’ll be $5-$10 more. Our cabbie tried it. I called him on it. He was mad.


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There is a Monday golf outing as part of the PGA Expo each year. With all the preparations for the Expo’s official opening on Tuesday morning, the heat and the Vegas crowds, you'd think it would be a tough sell. You'd be wrong. It's sold out.

Demo Night was, in fact, the main event on Monday. Shuttles took attendees on a 25-minute ride to Callaway Golf Center so folks could try out the latest in golf equipment. Again, I'd think this would attract a modest crowd. I'd be wrong. There were huge crowds today.

Perhaps the biggest crowd at event was at the Polara Golf booth. They claim to have a golf ball that doesn't slice. Ever. I hit three range balls and -- of course -- hit three career drives so hard to gauge effect on my shots. But the guy next to me was going nuts.

I talked to David Felker, inventor of the Polara golf ball. He's betting golf professionals that they can't slice the drive. Wise or not, that’s confidence. And I never saw anyone slice it.