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Love the Game but Your Spouse and Friends Don’t Play?

PGA of America
PGA Professional working with a student on their short-game.
Mike Aldrich, PGA

Series: Get Golf Ready

Published: Friday, March 28, 2014 | 10:33 p.m.

You already love the game of golf, but your spouse and friends don’t play.  You would love to have them join you, but helping a loved one learn a new game is a dangerous path to take.  You want them to share in the glory of hitting a towering drive and then a moment later laugh about missing a short putt.  How can you help them take those first steps toward becoming a viable partner for your next round?


There are so many great ways to bring your loved ones into the game, and one of the best is through Get Golf Ready with a local PGA or LPGA Professional.  These golf professionals are specially trained and enthusiastic about teaching beginners.  In five affordable group lessons, they will teach your spouse or friend the basics of the game; how to hit all of the shots, how to navigate through the golf course, and some simple rules.  At the end of the lessons, your friend will be comfortable at the golf course, know the basic etiquette and some of the “secret” language of golf.  While they might not be making too many birdies of their own, they will know to congratulate you when you make one!

Friendly PGA and LPGA Professionals are trained to help your friends Get Golf Ready in five short lessons and give you a great playing partner for your next round.