PowerBilt enters into sponsor deal with PGA Professonal Jim McLean



Published: Thursday, August 05, 2010 | 5:29 p.m.

PowerBilt Golf and PGA Professional Jim McLean, one of golf’s top instructors and owner of the No.1-ranked golf school in the United States, have entered into a sponsorship agreement, company officials have announced.

McLean will play and promote PowerBilt golf clubs, particularly the Nitrogen Charged line of Air Force One golf clubs.

"It is great to see the leaps in technology made by PowerBilt," said McLean. "Every top golfer knows the PowerBilt name and many of us played with PowerBilt golf clubs. I had a great PowerBilt driver I used for many years. PowerBilt always stood for quality and it is fantastic to see the company re-emerge so strong."

"McLean's commitment to junior golf and his teaching technologies to enhance the quality and enjoyment of golf was a perfect fit for PowerBilt Golf and the game improvement qualities of Air Force One," said PowerBilt Golf President Ross Kvinge. "We look forward to working with McLean's team to increase the overall improvement to the quality of golf."

The relationship between PowerBilt and McLean is a natural fit. PowerBilt has re-emerged as a technological leader in the golf industry with its line of Nitrogen Charged golf clubs. In fact, PowerBilt has gone as far as adding nitrogen to a new line of Air Force One irons. And McLean, long at the fore of technology when it comes to golf instruction was the first to build SuperStations for golf lessons, where golfers have their swings taped and analyzed with the very latest computer technologies.

"The reason we have stayed as the leader in the golf school industry has been largely in our use of technology and top class research," said McLean. "PowerBilt has taken research and development to a new level with technology that maximizes the trampoline effect for golfers of every level. Prior to this a golfer needed very high swing speed to achieve the trampoline effect. Now PowerBilt brings it to the average golfer. Since my schools deal mostly with average golfers, PowerBilt is going to be a huge benefit for them. That's what keeps us in the forefront, the best technology!"