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4 Tips to Help You Get Off the Tee with Ease

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There aren't many places on the golf course that are as pressure packed as the tee box. No matter if you're hitting off #1 at the start of your round, playing through or facing your nemesis hole, confidently getting off the tee is vital to a successful round.
These 4 tips from PGA Coaches will help you tee it up with ease in no time by enabling you to put a solid strategy in place, overcome your nerves and then crush it down the fairway. And everyone knows golf is a lot more fun playing from the middle of the fairway.
And be sure to connect with a PGA Coach in your area to learn more specific tips & drills for your game.
1. Prepare to be successful off the tee
2. Maximize your turn to maximize distance
3. Choose the right club to overcome your nerves
4. Pick the perfect line

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