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5 Simple Exercises to Gain Distance (and Stay Pain Free)

By Jeremy James, DC, CSCS
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Whether you’re taking lessons from a dedicated PGA Coach or working on your game solo, there’s an undeniable truth to playing your best golf: Your body has to have the necessary strength, flexibility and mobility to generate a lot of clubhead speed and swing freely, without pain.
So, to make sure you do achieve that New Year’s Resolution this year of playing your best and dropping a few shots from your game, follow these five simple exercises and you’ll be swinging with more speed and consistency than ever before.
1. Increase lower body range of motion (and power!) with the T-Step Lunge.
The T-Step Lunge is a simple and effective golf exercise that works to improve hip mobility, while developing rotational power. Additionally, it challenges your balance and helps build the range of motion in your hips – all areas that are important to your golf swing.
2. Improve posture and setup position with the Hip Hinge.
A good golf swing begins with a good setup, and by practicing this exercise, you’ll learn how to move into your setup from your hips rather than your lumbar spine. This is essential for generating a powerful swing that doesn’t hurt your back.
3. Improve posture and setup position (even more) with Foam Roller Snow Angles.
Ever been told you have bad or slouchy posture at address? This simple mobility exercise on a foam roller to improve your shoulder and mid back mobility can go a long way to helping you make a better turn in your backswing and maintain your spine angle through impact.
4. Increase thoracic spine mobility for a better turn with Hands & Knees Upper Back Rotation.
The world’s best golfers have this and you need it, too: mobility in your upper back. It not only allows you to turn properly in your backswing, but do it safely, without causing pain or injury. If you experience back pain affecting your game, this one’s for you.
5. Add mobility, balance and POWER with the Split Squat Medicine Ball Toss.
This one exercise does it all to create rotational force AND resist rotational force so you build a rock-solid core and glute strength (a.k.a. power). It also helps to improve your balance and thoracic spine rotation, meaning this multisystem move does a lot to improve your swing.
Some regular work with these five great golf exercises will go a long way toward helping you improve your swing and gain distance, but don’t stop here! You’ll be amazed at just how much a consistent golf fitness regimen like GolfForever can affect your body and your game, on and off the course. For more information, visit golfforever.com.