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Dear Golfers

By Kevin Hyland,
Published on

The European Club on Brittas Bay in Wicklow, Ireland. June, 2018. Kevin Hyland

Dear Golfers,
I know what you’re thinking… “If I receive another personal letter from an executive from a company that I interacted with once, I’m going to take the 2-iron I can barely hit and put it through my no-live-sports playing tv screen.”
I’m not an executive. And this is not one of those letters.
This letter is about you, my fellow golfers, and the efforts we’re going to take today, tomorrow and well beyond the end of the COVID-19 landscape to provide a community for you to connect with each other and thousands of PGA Professionals across the country that can help fuel your passion for the game of golf.
So as we all diligently follow the CDC’s daily recommendations to stay safe and keep an appropriate distance from one another, I am asking you to join us in the creation of content that brings us closer than ever to each other.
Holding on to a story about how golf got you through a rough time? We want to help you share it. Got a great story about your ladies golf road trip? Please pass it along. Fondest memories on the golf course — we want those, too.
We’re also committed to sharing some free content from PGA Professionals to keep you busy with the game while you’re confined to your living room. Stretches. Drills. Just enough to keep you moving forward.
Looking for your favorite highlights from our Championships & the Ryder Cup? Or maybe a podcast on women making an impact in golf? We’ve got you covered there, too.
So join us in a collective effort to stay connected by sharing your thoughts and golf stories on social media or by emailing them directly to, so that golf can continue to do what it does best— spread joy.
Stay Connected.
Kevin Hyland,
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