Fitness is Essential to Your Golf Game

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Maintaining physical fitness isn't just essential to scoring low on the course, but is also important for one's overall health. PGA Coach Thor Parrish has set the goal to walk 18 holes & shoot his age at 100 years old and his workout routines are created to help him achieve this goal.
Below are four of Coach Thor's best workouts to not only help your golf game now, but also keep you playing long into the future. Coach Thor varies his workouts to focus on different muscle groups and to keep them fresh and fun. Regardless of your fitness goals on or off the course, these incredible workouts will have you seeing gains in no time.
Always consult with medical professionals before starting a workout routine and if you're looking for more specific advice on your golf fitness, be sure to connect with a PGA Coach in your area.
Train for speed!
Train for strength!
Train for power!
Train for longevity!

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