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How the NCCGA is making college golf more fun

By Oliver Mauk
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“I wouldn't have had the college experiences or made the friends I did if it wasn’t for club golf.” This is something we hear all the time from graduating seniors at NCCGA Nationals, which hosts the best club golfers in the country at the end of every semester. 
The NCCGA (National Collegiate Club Golf Association) is the governing body for collegiate club golf, which allows any full-time student not participating in a varsity golf program to play in a casual, yet competitive setting. The NCCGA runs 3 weekend tournaments per semester in 28 different regions all across the country! In addition, they help club members with organization, getting recognized and funded by their school, and even offer leadership opportunities for those wishing to pursue a career in the golf industry.
The NCCGA has made college golf more fun than ever before. Players get to participate on their own schedules and can be as involved as they choose. If someone simply wants to go to practices and meet fellow golfers that’s great! If they wish to practice multiple times a week and play in every tournament available, even better! It’s totally up to each person and the NCCGA staff is always here to support in any way we can. 
When at NCCGA tournaments, two players from a school are paired with two players from another school, helping you meet new golfers from all over your area. All of these players have something in common, they participate because they love golf! They aren’t on athletic scholarships and most will never have “Professional Golfer” on their resume. The love of the game is what drives them and that fact can bring players from many different schools together.
Club golfers can also play in Nextgengolf’s City Tour during the summer months and they all receive an invite to the annual Spring Break Open in Myrtle Beach. Free Topgolf practice sessions and discounts on clubs and apparel are just a few of the other perks of being a club golfer. 
How can you join the NCCGA? Visit this page to see if your school already has a team to join. If not, fill out the contact info on the page or reach out to the NCCGA staff directly at