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Improve Your Golf Swing Sequence with a Drill from Dr. Alison Curdt

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Dr. Alison Curdt, PGA Master Professional

Dr. Alison Curdt, PGA Master Professional

If you're looking to improve the sequence of your body in your golf swing, Dr. Alison Curdt has a great drill for you and all you need is two alignment rods.
Whether you're working on the range or in the back yard, this drill can help you improve your golf swing and you'll quickly notice more power & rotation in your swing.
We're always looking for ways to improve our game, so check out the drill below and be sure to give Curdt a follow on Instagram for more great coaching content.
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Dr. Alison Curdt, PGA Master & LPGA Master

Los Angeles, CA

Alison Curdt

Golf and Performance Coach

Dr. Alison Curdt is a dual PGA Master & LPGA Master Professional teaching in Los Angeles, CA. As a specialist in sport psychology, Dr. Curdt helps golfers perform their best mentally and physically. Recognized as a Top Young Teacher by Golf Digest and a Top 8 Teacher to watch by Golf Magazine, Dr. Curdt has own numerous teaching awards including 2019 SoCal PGA Golf Professional of the Year, 2018 SCPGA Clubfitter of the Year, 4-time LPGA Western Section Teacher of the Year, 2016 SCPGA Teacher of the Year, and 2015 LPGA T&CP National Teacher of the Year. She was selected as an LPGA Top 50 Teacher 3 times and was inducted into the SoCal PGA Teaching Hall of Fame.

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