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PGA of America Introduces Inclusion Guidelines for Golf Facilities

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Editor's Note: Linnet Carty, the Director of Inclusion and Community Engagement, will host monthly sessions on the IGGF. Feel free to reach out to her with any questions you may have at

The PGA of America is pleased to share the ‘Inclusion Guidelines for Golf Facilities’.
This quick assessment tool was created to help make golf facilities more welcoming for all.
The 'Inclusion Guidelines for Golf Facilities' includes four short chapters: Marketing and Communications, Physical Environment, Policies and Practices and Welcoming Staff.
This team-focused assessment allows each team member to take a chapter, answer the questions and then have the group convene to share their results. Most of your improvements are cost-free and will be instrumental in making golf facilities more welcoming. Although this document was written for the business of golf, it can be applied to virtually any business.
You can download the ‘Inclusion Guidelines for Golf Facilities’ here. The half-hour video will explain in detail how you and your team can create a more welcoming environment for all. As a part of the Golf Industry "Grow the Game" Campaign there will be more to come in the following months.
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