There's No Better Time to Trade-In Your Equipment Using PGA Value Guide

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This past year, the PGA Value Guide’s golf club trade-in values have soared to record highs, surpassing even their slogan of “The Highest Trade-In Values. Every Day. Guaranteed.” Thanks to numerous golf club trade-in success stories, the PGA Value Guide began accepting a variety of golf technology and premium golf shafts in 2021.
In March 2021, the PGA Value Guide added several golf tech brands to its trade-in list, offering the highest value for recently released models. If you have a Bushnell rangefinder or Garmin GPS watch at home that you’re ready to upgrade, you can quickly calculate its value at Other eligible golf tech brands include Callaway, Nikon and Leupold, among others.
“The new rangefinder trade-in option has been a valuable addition to the golf club market,” said Drew Glover, Head Golf Professional at Yellowstone Club. “The PGA Value Guide is great to utilize when a member is trying to sell his or her golf clubs because we can now offer to upgrade their rangefinders as well. It’s a nice customer service touch!”
The PGA Value Guide is also now taking your exotic and premium golf shafts into account when you trade in your golf clubs. When calculating your credit, you can increase your value even more by noting your golf shaft brands. Sit back and enjoy how golf shaft brands, like Graphite Design, Oban, AutoFlex, Fujikura, Mitsubishi Chemical and LA Golf, will increase your credit with the PGA Value Guide.
Golfers aren’t the only ones benefiting from the high trade-in values offered by the PGA Value Guide; PGA Professionals are as well. 
“A member that places an order with an upgraded premium shaft is often out of luck if they are looking to trade it in when they are switching to a newer model,” said Patrick M. Crow, Director of Golf at Chicago Highlands Club. “Now, with the premium trade-in offer by PGA Value Guide, a member is more willing to trade in his or her premium upgraded equipment, which leads to more sales of new equipment in the Golf Shop.”
Between golf clubs, golf shafts and golf tech, you could be reaping in plenty of cash or credit. A convenient way to use your credit is on, our online retail partner. At GlobalGolf, you can find everything you need to upgrade your golf bag and wardrobe with one click.
No matter if you’re calculating your golf gear’s value with your PGA Professional or online with the PGA Value Guide, you won’t find better trade-in values anywhere else. The PGA Value Guide guarantees it.