Woods gets $54 million mortgage on his huge waterfront Florida estate

tiger woods
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Accordig to mortgage documents, Tiger Woods will pay off the loan by January 2016.
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Published: Thursday, September 02, 2010 | 3:52 p.m.

Fresh off his divorce, Tiger Woods has taken out a $54.5 million mortgage on his Florida waterfront estate.

Mortgage documents filed last month in Martin County show Woods will make payments to an entity called JRD Florida Ventures LLC. That is a Virginia company whose registered agent is an attorney with the firm that represented Woods' ex-wife, Elin Nordegren, in their divorce.

No details of the divorce settlement have been made public. The documents say Woods will pay the mortgage in full by January 2016.

The mortgage's existence was previously reported by several media outlets. Attorneys for Woods and his ex-wife declined comment Thursday.

Woods and Nordegren divorced Aug. 23 and mortage papers were dated Aug. 25.



Shame on you Mr.Lang and Mr Rowley! SHAME, SHAME, SHAME!
Why would you not support getting Tiger to a better place, rather than turn your back on him. Why are you on this news page anyways if you don't support him, does it make you feel bigger?
Anytime something goes wrong in peoples lives, we should be there to help get them on the right track or support them to become something better. Except you take it as an opportunity to cast stones!
Life, as Im sure you know, is about experiences and lessons. And we all have done the right and wrong thing.
I guess. If you cant say something nice...then shut up! oops...i mean, then dont say anything at all.


I agree with Joni Daniel that it is sad that both Charles Lang and Greg Rowley is so unforgiving. Who among us have not done things that we should not have? Maybe these gentlemen have not committed acts or been involved in things that they don't want others to know and if that's true, they probably are unique in that respect. I wish Tiger, his ex-wife and kids the very best because broken families can be very tough. The primary problem with a person having a spirit of unforgiveness is that life has a way of giving presenting us our own challenges. Surprisingly, most of us eventually come to conclude that we really aren't that perfect.


I bet my mate $50 that Tiger wouldn't win a tournament (any tournament) for 12 months. I've got 11 months to go and am feeling pretty confident. Forget about the yips with putting this guy needs a complete overhaul as a gentleman. Only then can he begin working on his game. What a shame too as he could have been one of the great ones...Now his form will be defined by pre and post divorce.


Mr. Joni Daniel, I understand why you have blinders on for another's lapse in integrity. It seems you've support something for so long that you don't want to feel as though you've wasted your time.
What you don't understand is how important a person's character and moral integrity is to the world at large. Tiger accepted a bribe of $30 million to leave Stanford without graduating and that was his first transgression. Then Tiger bribed his mistresses to stay quiet and his thinking is "Hey I took a bribe so doesn't everybody?" What is the moral legacy Tiger will leave to his kids.
You see Mr. Daniel, success is a journey that is more exciting than the destination, and the destination is not as important as who've you've become when you get there.


I think it is very sad for Mr Lang to be so completely unforgiving. Does he know that one should not judge, for by that judgment he shall also be judged. One does not know the whole truth, certainly not by listening to the media and tabloids. I think Tiger has certainly paid for his transgressions and will continue to pay. It is very sad. It is also sad that some people view sports idols as role models that owe them something. For myself, I view Tiger as one of the best golfers of all times, and I really enjoy watching him play.


I guess this is a good lesson in staying true to your wife and family no matter how great the world thinks you are. There is a real life lesson here. It is most unfortunate. I was a big of fan as anyone, but now I have no respect for him and will never support him or his sponsers who stood by even after they understood the type of person he really was and is.