17 of the best tweets from golfers in 2017

By Daniel Wilco
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17 of the best tweets from golfers in 2017

The golf world is a special beast in and of itself, but take that world and put it on social media and you've got a recipe for greatness. With the end of 2017 upon us, we take a look at 17 of the top tweets from golfers this year. 


17. The work behind the shot

16. Revisiting Jack's called putt

15. Donaldson takes a dip

14. Gary and Vivienne

13. Spieth's 'Hook-em'

12. Fdez-Castaño's fashion advice

11. Pieters' invitation

10. JT's prediction for Spieth

9. Webb's reaction to Spieth

8. The junior-league imitation (RT'd by Spieth)

7. Chesson's waterworks

6. The swing of the year

5. JT gets his trophy

4. Baby Sergio's outfit

3. Sergio's jacket

2. Louis' song

1. Gary's spring break

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