5 of the most creative pin flags we’ve seen on the golf course

By Joe Boozell
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5 of the most creative pin flags we’ve seen on the golf course

The Scottish Open is making math fun again. During this weekend’s event at Dundonald Links, each pin flag contains its own math equation – so let’s hope those golfers and caddies have been brushing up on their integers.

It made us curious – what are some unique pin flags out there? We polled our Facebook fans to find out their favorites. Here were the top answers.

“Easy, that would be Merion Golf Club.” – Sean Moran

Technically, it's not even a flag. On the Merion Golf Club’s East Course, pins are topped with wicker baskets instead of the getup:

Very cool. An interesting twist here – even if the wind is blowing, golfers can’t get a sense of which direction it’s swirling due to the odd structure. Anyone who wins a USGA event at Merion receives a wicker basket top.

“16th at British Masters last year (hosted by Luke Donald). Flag designed by local school girl who won a competition.” – Emma Self

Kudos to the artist here. We’ve got math and art down – which grade school subject is next?

“I always enjoyed the American Flag pins during Tee It Up for Troops events, didn't help with yardage but neither does my game.” – Mark Jancze

Simple, but majestic:

“St Andrews - yellow going out, red coming in, with two in most of the greens.” – Michael Feiler

It’s hard to describe the pin flags at The Royal & Ancient Golf Club at St. Andrew’s without simply stating – they’re really, really cool. Our Facebook commenter describes one of the holes above. Here are few more photos with some sweet, classic designs:

Have any more suggestions? Comment on our Facebook post and we’ll throw some of the best pin flags back into this story.