5 things that caught our eye on Day 1 of the PGA Merchandise Show

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ORLANDO, Florida -- The 2018 PGA Merchandise Show opened for business at 8:30 on Wednesday morning from the Orange County Convention Center.

Hundreds of golf companies from around the world were on hand to show off there latest and greatest offerings. 

Everything from ball markers to pin flags to golf clubs to tees to shoes to umbrellas... you name it.

After putting in over 17,000 steps on the show floor Wednesday, here's a look at five items that caught our eye.

5. Weatherman Umbrella


If you think all umbrellas are created equal, you're wrong. The Weatherman, which comes in a 62 or a 68-inch model was put together by a meteorologist. 

The handle of the umbrella has bluetooth technology built in and with a companion app, you can check to see if you'll need an umbrella on any given day.

Further, with the app, if you can't find the umbrella, you can locate it.

When the umbrella is open, there's a pouch on the inside to store your golf glove in the rain.

And, with maxed out SPF coverage, the Weatherman is also the perfect companion for hot, sunny days on the course.

4. Putt View

Putt View

You want to talk about a "wow factor?"

We were left shaking our heads after seeing what the Putt View, along with Full Swing and Virtual Green are capable of.

First, there's the synthetic green that rolls like the purest of greens you'll find anywhere. At the touch of a button on a computer screen, the green can transform its undulations in a split second. That's right -- it's not just a flat green. It can actually contort.

With a projector overhead -- the Putt View -- you can see a lighted projection all over the green of every break it has and putt along the perfect line.

We thought our eyes were playing tricks on us when we saw the projections because it looked like the green was moving. Moments later, it was confirmed to us that it looked like it was moving because it was.

It was a remarkable innovation.

3. Winner's Award Group Championship Belt

Golf trophies all look the same, don't they?

Sure, you can mix it up with some nice crystal, but for the most part, a golf trophy just features a tiny golfer at the top.

If you want to make a statement, Winner's Award Group has you covered with its "Championship Belt."

Do you have an annual buddies trip? The Championship Belt would be the perfect prize for the winners. It's different, it's fun and there's so much bragging that can be done with a belt that you just can't do with a regular, old trophy.

2. Oakley Targetline sunglasses


There are two types of golfers -- those who wear sunglasses and those who don't.

For athletes, Oakley has been arguably the best in the business for sport-specific sunglasses for years.

In trying to make its sunglasses for every golfer, Oakley has just introduced the new Targetline model. It's perfect for on and off the course, but there are two key features that all golfers will love.

First, the lenses contain Oakley's PRIZM technology, which enhances visibility and contrast.

Second, the new frame had the golfer who wears a hat in mind. Are you one of those people who has a hard time wearing a hat and sunglasses? Oakley took care of that by thinning out the top line of its arm frames so that the hat doesn't touch the frame.

No more of that snug, or even tight fit between hat and shades.

1. Jack Grace USA

Jack Grace USA

This is just a genius innovation. 

Bart Walker, founder of Jack Grace USA, got tired of having a great golf outfit from head to ankle and then, well, leaving something to be desired with his shoes. Let's face it, you can't go spend a bunch of money on a great golf shoe and expect that it's going to match your entire golf wardrobe. Or, you could, but it would all be drab.

Walker found a solution. 

He created a fantastic shoe that comes in three base colors -- white, gray and black.

But here's the innovative part of the shoe: You can buy separately sold saddlebacks that Velcro over the shoe.

Have a golf outfit that's primarily blue one day? Velcro a nice, blue saddleback onto the shoe.

Want to get a little bolder with your shoes? Jack Grace USA also offers saddlebacks with all kinds of patterns.

There are so many different saddleback options that you can match any color with any outfit without needing an entire closet of shoes.