7 Funniest Masters items you can find right now on eBay

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7 Funniest Masters items you can find right now on eBay

"One man's trash is another man's treasure."

Thanks to websites like eBay, it's easy for folks to dump their, uh, trash, for a price.

Since everyone gets pumped up for the Masters, we decided to quickly peruse eBay to see what types of Masters-related items we could find.

Sure, there were tons of hats and polos. There were posters and pins. There were putters and headcovers.

And then, well, there were some items we might consider outlandish, if not hilarious. Here are seven of those...

7. Masters Augusta National Golf Chips & Crackers From The Tournament


There are so many things that make the Masters great. One of those is the ridiculously low concession prices. It's like going back in time. Hungry at the Masters? If you've got $5 in your wallet, you can eat like a king.

That's why we got a kick out of these "Masters Augusta National Golf Chips & Crackers From The Tournament" with a starting bid of $9.60.

Purchasing those on the grounds? That'd be a whole $2 -- $1 apiece. 

6. The Masters Tournament - Augusta National Concession Stand Items RARE!


Here we go with the concessions again. Also, question: What exactly would the proud, new owner do with these items? Put them on display in the man cave? Eat them while watching the Masters?

I guess that's up to the buyer. And, if that buyer is you, you can take advantage of this eBay user's low, low, buy it now price of just $75 for the whole lot.

5. 1989 Masters Augusta National Golf Tournament SCORE REPORTING Badge NICK FALDO


This is actually a pretty cool conversation piece, isn't it?

Your friend walks in your house and asks, "Hey, dude. Who's Ray Boleman?"

It takes you a minute to ponder what the hell your friend is talking about. And then it hits you. 

"Oh, yeah! Ray Boleman -- never met him, but he was reporting scores at the 1989 Masters and I bought his badge on eBay for $39.94!"

Don't be surprised if immediately after those words leave your lips your friend says, "Uh, so, I gotta go. I forgot to... umm... switch over the laundry."

4. Lot of (10) Augusta MASTERS GOLF Tournament GREEN Striped Plastic Shopping Bags


If you don't have a badge to get into the Masters during tournament week, you can't enter the incredible merchandise building to purchase Masters swag.

But, by gawd, that doesn't mean you can't have the plastic bag someone carried around with the awesome Masters swag they purchased in said merchandise building!

For just $4.99, you can actually get not 1, not 2, but 10 Masters plastic shopping bags! You know, the kind most people would probably recycle.

3. 2007 Masters Golf Tournament Logo 8-0z Plastic Cup Augusta National Golf Club


Purchasing a soft drink on the grounds of Augusta National during Masters week? They cost just $1 and come in a cool, commemorative plastic cup. 

They're nice to have and -- heck -- during a video chat just last week, my editor was drinking from one. I myself have used them in the past as a pen holder on my desk.

One thing I never thought to use it for? As an item to sell on eBay with a starting bid of $6.

2. Rare Vintage Golf Jack Nicklaus Wool Bathrobe "The Masters" Tournament KOSUGI


Truth be told, I can't find a single thing in this post's description that suggests this robe has anything to do with the Masters, other than the fact that it was manufactured by the Jack Nicklaus Company, owned by the man who has won a record six Masters Tournaments.

But, it showed up in my Masters search, so here we are.

Are you in the market for a used robe with a Golden Bear logo on the tag? It looks great on the live model, so for a buy it now price of $89.99, it'll probably look great on you, too!

1. Unopened Bottled Water Augusta National Golf Club Masters Tournament


Let's face it, folks. You can't put a price on hydration. 

But, if you had say an "unopened bottle of water from Augusta National Golf Club Masters Tournament" you could. And that price would be $19.99... for a 12 ounce bottle. 

It looks like another user also had a his and hers version available for $30.


As they say, "outside of being at the Masters in person, nothing beats cracking open a bottle of official Masters water in the comfort of your home while watching the tournament on TV."