7 things at Demo Day we had to get a closer look at

By Daniel Wilco
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7 things at Demo Day we had to get a closer look at

If you like gadgets and you like golf, there is no better place to be than Demo Day at the PGA Merchandise Show, where the two are combined seamlessly.

This year’s edition featured plenty of high-tech ways to improve your game and your playing experience, from myriad new forms of transportation to training devices and apparel. Here are seven of the most unique products on display at the Orange County National Golf Center:

1. Golf Swing Shirt

No, that’s not a straightjacket, it’s the Golf Swing Shirt, a training aid meant to help golfers fix their swing instantly.

One of the stranger looking products at Demo Day, Golf Swing Shirt works by compressing your range of motion to keep the arms functioning in a unified triangle.

2/3. Golf Skate Caddy/GolfBoard

Combining Tiger Woods with Tony Hawk, these two stand-up electric boards are a nifty alternative to a golf cart. The boards are both controlled by a throttle on bar in front and steered by leaning your body, and while they take some getting used to, they allow great mobility (and great fun) out on the course.

4. Best of Bikes

Released in the Netherlands for the past two years, this motorcycle-golf-cart-hybrid debuted in the United States for the first time at Demo Day. The electric bike has two seats, a bag holder, and boasts more than 36 holes on one battery charge.

5. Yamaha QuiTech EFI

Tee shot: 89 dB

Greens Mower: 100dB

Frog Croaking: 108 dB

QuiTech EFI: 61 dB

That’s the decibel rating of just a handful of things you might hear at your course this year, according to Yamaha. The motor company’s newest addition to its golf cart lineup, the QuiTech EFI is a gas powered cart that’s just 1.5 decibels louder than most electric cars.

6. The Golf Bike

Speaking of quiet rides, are you looking for a near-silent method of transportation on the course that you can also take straight home? The Golf Bike might be for you.

7. ToughLie 360

The ToughLie 360 is a driving range add-on that rotates, you guessed it, 360 degrees to allow the golfer to practice hitting off of nearly any lie they might encounter on the course.