Aggressive goose takes out high school golfer

By T.J. Auclair
Published on

Though geese can be beautiful when watching them fly in flocks, the truth is they can be a real nuisance to golfers.
And that's without them attacking golfers.
Yes, attacking golfers.
Check out this incredible three-shot photo spread tweeted out by the folks at Blissfield Athletics in Blissfield, Mich., from a recent high school match: 
Are you kidding me?
Blissfield Athletics said the golfer was OK, but "his pride was hurt."
Blissfield Athletics explained what happened: "The golfers just finished teeing off and were walking down the fairway. To the left there was a goose nest and the golfers did a good job of avoiding it but the guard goose (hanging out on the far right) thought differently."
Well, well. There's a lesson for all of us.