Andrew 'Beef' Johnston takes on kid in milk chugging contest

By Dan McDonald
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Andrew 'Beef' Johnston takes on kid in milk chugging contest

Andrew "Beef" Johnston has had quite the journey on the way to earning his PGA Tour card

Another part of that journey: Taking on a child in a milk chugging race.

Beef recently was interviewed by the European Tour's child host Billy as part of their Little Interviews series. He took on some fun questions, such as what his favorite purchase has been in the past year, to some insightful questions diving into why he is so happy and how he has handled his fame. Here's a video of the full interview:



Earlier this year, we learned a few other fun thing about Beef — from what his niece thinks of his beard, to taking a behind-the-scenes look at his home

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And don't forget, if you've caught the Beef Fever (and let's be honest, who hasn't by now), you too can dress like him for Halloween.

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