European Tour pro holes longest 2-footer you'll ever see

By T.J. Auclair
Published on
European Tour pro holes longest 2-footer you'll ever see

One of the things that separates Tour-caliber golfers from average golfers is their creativity. It's the ability to imagine what we might believe to be the unimaginable.

And sometimes that just comes down to, well, being bored on the practice green, which seemingly was the case with European Tour pro Nathan Kimsey lately.

With his golf ball roughly two feet from the cup, rather than take the traditional approach -- you know, straight on -- Kimsey opted for the scenic route.

He went ahead and hit the ball about 20 feet away from the hole and into the greens slope. From there, the ball back tracks to the hole, taking forever to come back down the hill before dropping into the cup.

Now that was cool.

It was reminiscent of an amazing putt we saw back in 2014, when a young man had a 3-footer that he hit similarly, but much further away from the cup:

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