Finding Your Way to the Game

By Jack Dillon, Author, 'High Fives'
Published on
Finding Your Way to the Game

Golf is now top of mind with the season officially in full swing. Interested in learning and playing? Your golf journey starts with your local PGA Professional, who will become your expert guide to the game.

If you are new to golf or want to get involved in the game, finding a PGA Professional is your best first step. Your golf professional will create a plan for you to follow, on places to play and practice, as well as equipment to use, clothes and shoes to wear, and every key start-up detail. Consider asking a friend to learn with you, because a fun, group atmosphere makes learning the game a little less intimidating for beginners.

Your PGA Professional will be that initial mentor, teacher, instructor and advisor who will provide swing basics, practice tips, and detailed information on everything you need as someone who is new to the game. Before you ask a friend or family member to be your teacher, contact a local PGA Professional and see what group clinics, private lessons or other classes they offer. You can search for PGA Professionals near you by clicking here.