Golf course houses you can easily afford if you win the Mega Millions

By Dan McDonald
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Golf course houses you can easily afford if you win the Mega Millions

When either the Mega Millions or Powerball lotteries get to astronomical amounts, we tend to dream about what we could do if a couple hundred million (or a few billion) dollars just dropped into our bank account. If nothing else, it helps us get some good value for the $10 we spend to somehow not hit a single number.
One main place our minds go is where we could live if money was no issue. And if you love golf like we do, there has to be a world-famous golf course (or your own private course) nearby.
With the Mega Millions approaching a $2 billion jackpot, we spent some time intensely daydreaming about several homes that you could easily afford to buy and enjoy a membership at the local club after your numbers come up.
List price: $35,000,000
Details: 5 beds, 6 baths, 7,789 square feet
We’re going straight to the holy grail of housing locations: The 18th fairway at Pebble Beach. Enjoy year-round access to one of the most iconic views in golf. Invite some friends over to heckle some celebrities during the Pro-Am and get a front-row view as a U.S. Open champion is crowned next June in your backyard.
List price: $19,500,000
Details: 5 beds, 6 baths, 6,960 square feet
So, if you’d rather not have the postcard view on the 18th hole (or the possibility of someone hitting a hossle-rocket straight into your back window) how about a more secluded home along the 16th hole? The views are just as stunning.
List price: $22,000,000
Details: 7 beds, 7.5 baths, 7,200 square feet
Because we want to make sure you’re covered with options of where to live at Pebble Beach, here’s our final stop on the housing tour. This Mediterranean-style home sits back from the ocean with a scenic view of all Monterey Bay has to offer.
List price: $4,998,000
Details: 10 beds, 14 baths, 18,265 square feet
We depart from Northern California to something a little different on our journey. This next home comes in at quite a value and is the former residence of Atlanta Braves Hall of Famer John Smoltz. No, it isn’t along the fairway of one of America’s premier courses. But that’s because it has its own 18-hole golf course. It doesn't hurt to also have the Atlanta Athletic Club, Peachtree Golf Club and East Lake Golf Club as nearby options.
List price: $898,000
Details: 4 beds, 3 baths, 3,652 square feet
Ok, so this house doesn’t even check in at a million dollars and could make for a cheap gift for a friend. Most importantly, the low cost does save you some coin to use on your membership at Oakland Hills Country Club, which would be your backyard. This former site of the PGA Championship, Ryder Cup and US Open among other championships would be a great stop for a few quick weekend getaway rounds during the summer. 
List price: $529,000
Details: 3 beds, 3 baths, 1,920 square feet
Wherever you end up spending your millions for your main residence, this should be a must-have on your housing shopping list as at least a great cottage. You probably guessed it from the address, but this house is on here because it is conveniently located on a lake that is adjacent to Bandon Dunes. 
List price: $250,000,000
Details: 64,809+ acres, several houses with a lot of square feet, a golf course, an airport 
So, you’d like to use a lot of your newfound wealth on more than one house? We have just the option for you. This is the ranch of T. Boone Pickens. There is an insane amount of amenities that come with this property, such as its own airstrip (remember to save some of the jackpot to get yourself a plane…). But most importantly, it comes with its own golf course. There aren’t much details about it in the listing, but it’s worth a flight on your private jet with a few of your friends to check it out.
List price: $54,750,000
Details: 6 beds, 10 baths, 9,300 square feet
It might be difficult to pull yourself away from the amazing, unobstructed views of Shinnecock Bay. But if you do, you’ll be rewarded with visits to play some of the top courses in the Hamptons such as Shinnecock Hills, Sebonack and National Golf Links. And while it wasn’t mentioned in the listing, the photo appears to show a small par-3 setup on the property.
List price: $6,900,000
Details: 5 beds, 7 baths, 5,198 square feet
You should thoroughly enjoy this seaside retreat for its access to the beautiful beaches along the Atlantic. Oh, and it’s right next the Ocean Course at Kiawiah Island, past site of the PGA Championship and Ryder Cup. 
List price: $14,500,000
Details: 5 beds, 6.5 baths, 7,810 square feet
For this next one, we’re going to take a long flight west to the picturesque islands of Hawaii. Set along the north shore of Maui, a life of golf at nearby Kapalua and enjoying the ocean breeze doesn’t sound so bad does it?
List price: $49,000,000
Details: 8 beds, 8.5 baths, 6,645 square feet
Need a few more bedrooms to be able to house your friends and family when they come out to visit you in Maui? This is the spot for you. You’ll have your own oasis as you’ll be the only house on Hawea Point. Not even the worst round of golf could ruin these good vibes.