How much is Bubba Watson's 7-wood worth?

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How much is Bubba Watson's 7-wood worth?

A lot of golfers tend to think of the 7-wood as a club that women or senior golfers would to play. Many of us might not even know anyone with a 7-wood in his bag. 
There is, however, one guy who wields a 7-wood that you might be familiar with – Bubba Watson, who put a 7-wood in his bag for the Travelers Championship, which he won in a playoff on Sunday. Watson felt a Ping G30 7-wood would be more suitable for TPC River Highlands than the Ping S55 3-iron he usually carries. 
Like Watson's famous pink G30 driver, the 7-wood features turbulators – four ridges on the crown that help air flow over the club more efficiently, making it easier to swing and generating more ballspeed and distance. The tall face is made of thin but strong Carpenter 475 steel to maximize spring, and the adjustable hosel allows golfers to dial in their preferred swing characteristics.
Ping rolled out its G30 7-wood with the rest of its G30 line of drivers and fairway clubs earlier this year with a retaril price of $275 per club. It currently has an estimated trade-in value of $91.64 and an estimated resale value of $166.62, according to the Value Guide and Trade-in Network.
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