Improve your game through technology

By Jack Dillon, author
Published on
Improve your game through technology

There have been so many advances in this game of golf.  From course conditions, to the equipment, to instruction there are a great many ways to improve as an experienced player.  To gain access to all that is available in the game today, I urge you to find a PGA/LPGA Professional that is up to speed all of it.  With the ability to improve your long game, short game, and every aspect in between, it is important to be working with a professional who understands the technology for building a better bag and swing.


  From using Trackman to improve the swing to finding clubs and a ball that will work best for you, be sure to search to secure the PGA/LPGA Professional that will be able to fine tune you from the 14 clubs right down to the better ball for you.  If you decide to go deep into a real improvement of your game, be sure to do the homework, all of the homework, making certain you test the clubs, the balls, and the shafts that will make the difference in your game.


  Mostly, it will be about the golf professional who can make the biggest difference because they will have the experience and knowledge to help you in a way where new tech becomes a real advantage in your bag.  As you proceed, spend the time to talk to the professional about a plan, including costs and timeline.  Once you decide to create this plan of improvement and go all in, it is vital you understand and buy into the plan.


  The results should be a set of clubs that look good, feel great, and work best for your swing.  It should also provide a golf ball that works not only with your game, but the driver and irons you have in the bag.  Once complete, you should then move onto working on a plan to improve the swing with your High Tech Pro.  Here’s to your new game!