Legendary Basics From Jack Nicklaus and His PGA Professional

By Jack Dillon
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Legendary Basics From Jack Nicklaus and His PGA Professional

30-years ago this past weekend, Jack Nicklaus' celebrated one of the greatest victories of all time. Out of nowhere, Jack, at the age of 46 relied on time-tested fundamentals and experience to come from behind and win the 1986 Masters. Whether it's the world's biggest stage or your weekend four-ball with friends, these legendary fundamentals apply to all golfers and can help you emerge victorious.

Jack actually began playing golf at the age of 10 in a junior program at his father's club. The PGA Professional in charge was Mr. Jack Grout (pictured). Mr. Grout focused on the basics and Jack never forgot this beginning.

Whether in golf, or business, a strong grasp of the fundamentals will set you up for success.

Jack Nicklaus felt the same way about his game. In fact, he actually began every new season with lessons from Mr. Grout beginning with the very basic fundamentals of grip, alignment, stance, and takeaway. Jack took a fresh set of lessons every winter to re-hash the basics of his game. Imagine that.

If we were to take two great lessons from a legend, they would be:

  1. Find, befriend and engage with a PGA or LPGA Professional that you are comfortable with and trust. Use this long-lasting relationship to ensure that your game never strays away from a solid foundation and that your swing is built on sound basics.
  2. At the beginning of each season - or even when things are just out of alignment - resolve to get back to the fundamentals with regular and routine swing check-ups. Start at the beginning and review your grip, alignment, posture and stance.

Who knows? You may just find yourself playing legendary golf, too.

Or at least besting your golfing friends.


Written by contributing author Jack Dillon of "High Fives"

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