John O'Hurley's 'Secret to Golf' is, well, secret

By T.J. Auclair
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John O'Hurley's 'Secret to Golf' is, well, secret

Evidently this video is seven years old, but -- somehow -- it's the first time we've stumbled across it.

Actor John O'Hurley of J. Peterman fame on "Seinfeld" has long been a lover of golf.

He loves it so much, in fact, that he once shot this video to tell us about the "Secret to Golf" that helped get O'Hurley to -- get this -- a handicap of +17. For perspective... if he's playing a par-70 course, O'Hurley is averaging a score of 53 because of this secret.

For the love, tell us what it is!!

But, as you'll see in the spoof video, O'Hurley, under no circumstances, will reveal the secret.

Don't you hate guys like that?

Regardless, there are some fantastic one-liners in here that aren't fit for print:

Back to my J. Peterman catalog. 

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