A Quick Nine: Best golf training aids

By John Kim, Coordinating Producer
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A Quick Nine: Best golf training aids

Ever feel like you're not doing enough to help your game? That there might be a better, easier way to improve than countless hours beating bucket after bucket on the range? Well, of course there is. And right now, while much of the country is still gripped in the throes of winter, we asked our Facebook Nation what instruction/training aids they thought were the best to help their respective games. The answers poured in. We eagerly acknowledge that nothing takes the place of great instruction from a PGA Professional (and some quality time on the range) but you did provide a great look at some of the best learning tools that are accessible and affordable to the everyday golfer. So without further ado, here's their top answers on what you need to get your swing or stroke fine tuned for the best golf of your life.

9.) Mirror (ex: here) - Something so simple can provide a large amount of feedback. Most players have no idea how they look at various points in their set up and/or swing. This most common aid can help you see and improve a wide variety of flaws in your setup and technique.
Tyler Sweet A $10 mirror from Walmart
Eric W. Russell - Use the mirror for a reverse look at position/swing/stroke etc....most popular is in putting, to see how the blade/hands/arms take the club away and through can spot out flaws more easily.

8.) Greg Norman secret - This tool forces your hand to stay in the correct positions throughout the swing. The idea being that enough repitition will train your hands to repeat those positions when you take the swing out onto the course.
Alan Koontz In honor of his birthday today, the Greg Norman Secret. That thing helped me a bunch.

7.) Impact bags (Ex: here) - A pretty simple concept that has helped so many golfers. You swing your club (irons) at the large bag which will teach you to hit the bag with a square clubface, solidifying your impact position with your irons. There are several manufacturers with their own versions, but the concept is pretty much the same.
Brian Moreland Old school impact bag

6.) Tour Striker - A special club that has a small face that is higher up than any regular/normal golf club. What does it do? It forces you to swing down on the ball and creates a smaller impact area (so when you use your actual clubs, the sweet spot seems HUGE.) I've seen these on a number of ranges and tradeshows - the golfers who have them do love them.
Donovan Janus Tour striker is the only aid that made a big difference to my game

5.) Benderstik - Developed by famed instructor Mike Bender, this aid provides instant feedback on your swing. The large rod and foam ball can be positioned in a variety of ways that allow you to take your normal swing and will immediately tell you if your swing is on plane, your hands are in a proper position or if your head or body are tilting incorrectly.
Frank Remmes Bender stick
Daniel Gomez Bender stick

4.) Medicus - The famed dual hinging golf club has enjoyed a long run of success. The club breaks down on it's dual hinges when not positioned correctly at various points throughout the swing. Jim Furyk will probably never benefit from it - but tens of thousands of amatuer golfers have.
Clinton Boyd Marburger Medicus
Wes Kramer-Jr Dual hinge driver actually cured my slice and added 12 yards to my drives

3.) Putter Wheel - Perhaps the "hottest" aid at the 2014 PGA Show, the Putter Wheel is so simple and yet, so effective. The wheel looks like a the middle third of a golf ball, but with special color codings on the side to improve your eye positioning and the weighting will let you know if your stroke is making flush, flat contact with the ball.
Michael Benzie - Putter Wheel

2.) Alingment Rods - It's straight sticks, right? But it provides a world of information about your swing. Check out virtually any top instructor or Tour pro. They'll have some in there. 
Chris Curnutt Alignment rods. There are so many things you can do with them.
Tye Smith Definitely the orange alignment aid sticks .... They have multiple great uses .
Andrew S Fiori Alignment sticks. You can have all this other crap strapped to you, but doesn't do crap for you if your not aiming the right way. Even "The Pros" use them. Worst? Anything that says "guaranteed" or "90 minutes or less". Do yourself a favor and see a PGA Instructor if your game is crap.

1.) The Orange Whip - I've heard from PGA Professionals, Tour players and many amateur golfers that this is their favorite. It improves your swing, your fitness and your strength. And it fits easily into your golf bag. Hard to beat that.
Jay MacMaster The orange whip. If you don't have one get one.
Barry J C Meyer Orange whip!
Cedric Anderson Orange whip