A Quick Nine: YOUR Christmas Wish List

By T.J. Auclair, Producer
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By T.J. Auclair Interactive Producer

If you hadn't heard, the holiday season is here - in full swing - and Christmas is right around the corner.

It's the season of giving to be sure, but - for all you golfers out there - wouldn't it be nice to receive that golf gift you've been longing for? Maybe it's a new piece of equipment? Perhaps it's a golf trip? Could it be something that Santa can't bring you, but a PGA Professional can (you know… a lower handicap)?

This week we asked our friends in Facebook Nation to fill in the blank: "Dear Golf Santa, please bring me a [fill in the blank]."

Well, as always, you responded in a big way. We received nearly 300 responses and - based on those responses - we're assuming you've all been very good boys and girls this year.

Here's a look at some of our favorite answers that you submitted.

9. A golf simulator for at home. As someone who experiences those cold, snowy, New England winters, I must say - this is an item that would certainly be at or near the top of my Christmas wish-list if money were no object! Imagine playing all the world's best golf courses without the travel expenses!

Facebook fan quotes:
"The top golf simulator so I can practice all year in my house!" -- Paul Kucan
"An Opti Shot Golf Simulator & A Foursome Dream With The Champions Tour Players: Corey Pavin,Fred Funk and Fred Couples." -- Brian Davis

8. Lessons from a PGA Professional. People are always wondering how they can get better at this difficult game. Wouldn't it make sense to seek advice from the experts?

Facebook fan quote:
"A lesson of the Golf Fix golf pro." -- Chris Sanders

7. Tickets to a major golf event. The atmosphere at a major golf event is incredible and provides a deeper appreciation for just how good the world's best players are.

Facebook fan quotes:
"Ryder Cup tickets for life!" -- Mike Vance
"Tickets to the Masters." -- Dave DePicciotto
"Fully paid trip to the Masters! I don't ask for much!" -- Tamera Slay Wattenbarger
"Pass to get into all 4 majors (Masters, British open, PGA Championship, U.S. Open)." -- James Sealey Jr

6. A better all-around game. Of course, this probably goes along with No. 8 on our list. The best advice we can give is this - the only way to improve is to be willing and able to put in the time.

Facebook fan quotes:
"Consistent game so I can win more money from my friends." -- Ben Carranco
"A confident putting stroke." -- Brice Alexander Duke
"The ability to be a scratch golfer! Please." -- Dominic KLuender
"A scratch handicap for me and my friends." -- Sean Poulter Ellis

5. A golf membership. I'm sure it sounds outrageously expensive, but believe it or not many courses have made them more affordable than ever before. In an effort to get more people playing golf (and to generate more business for the course, obviously), many people in the course management business have gotten creative with the way they run memberships. Look into it a little. You'd be surprised.

Facebook fan quotes:
"A membership anywhere." -- Jared Oxborough
"A membership at my local course. Thanks Santa baby!" -- Greg Baker

4. A hole-in-one. Ah… the old go-to answer when it comes to wishes for Santa - the ace. Many, many of our friends in Facebook Nation had this request.

Facebook fan quote:
"A hole in one." -- Ty Aulger

3. New equipment. This one is always high up on the list. Everything from a new driver, putter, irons, wedges, you name it.

Facebook fan quotes:
"Scotty Cameron putter!" -- Cooper Arsenault
"A new set of irons and golf bag!" -- Shaun Farroll
"Taylor Made RBZ Driver." -- Brandon Michael Mack 
"A replica of Bubba Watson's pink driver." -- Nicholas van der Lee-Saichin
"Set of new Vokey wedges this year SM4 please. 52,56,60 oil can." -- Taj Grills

2. More time/opportunities to play golf with family. That's what it's all about, anyway. Right?

Facebook fan quotes:
"A round with my brothers, we live 200 miles apart." -- Robert Michel
"Dear Santa, Please will you have my kids ask me to play golf with them on Saturday afternoons this year." -- Gary Bebelaar

1. A golf vacation. Hopefully, on some small level, this is an indication of the economy bouncing back. We've been creating lists like this around the holidays for years now and we can't ever remember a "golf travel" item dominating the No. 1 spot. Sure, some of the answers below are pie-in-the-sky, but others are very much a possibility.

Facebook fan quotes:
"A chance to play at Cypress Point once in my life." -- Kyle Hoffa
"Even though it is out of the question, a trip to The Greenbrier would be great." -- Corey Ryan Forrester
"Golf trip with the guys to Myrtle Beach!" -- Jeff Petruski
"A round of golf at pebble beach... when it's sunny and 70." -- Cathy Erickson
"Trip to San Diego to play Torrey Pines!" -- Chris Lange
"A holiday to Mission Hills." -- Tyrone Byrnes
"An all-expense paid week-long trip for my foursome to Pebble Beach." -- Steve Thomas
"Dear Golf Santa, please bring me a chance to play a round at St. Andrews." -- Chris Woodard