A Quick Nine: What is your main golf goal for 2013?

By T.J. Auclair, Interactive Producer
Published on

First off, Happy New Year, everyone! With a new year comes a new start and the opportunity to set some new goals.

We reached out to you, our dedicated friends in Facebook Nation this week and asked you to answer the following: What is YOUR main golf goal for 2013?

As always, the feedback was tremendous. Here's a sampling of some of the answers we found to be among the best and most entertaining. Enjoy and best of luck in accomplishing your golf goals this year!

9. Work out a problem area in your game. What's that old saying? "Practice makes perfect." Dedicate yourself to fixing that weakness and turn it into a strength.

Facebook fan quotes:

"To get rid of the shanks." -- Patrick Gormandy

"Fix my slice with my driver. Should bring me down to around a 10-15 handicap consistently." -- Kevin Waller

8. Pick up the game and learn the right way to play. If you haven't started playing yet, what took so long?! On the other hand, welcome. Get yourself some lessons from a local PGA Professional, learn how to play the game the right way and then enjoy it for the rest of your life.

Facebook fan quotes:

"Learn how!" -- Mary Johnson

"Take some lessons, straighten out my slice and tighten up my short game." -- Dino Kusulas

7. Shooting/breaking a milestone score.

Facebook fan quotes:

"Break 80 at five different courses." -- Robert Soldwish

"Break 80 for the first time." -- John W. Munson

"Break 80!... 2012 for me under 100, teasing the low 90 score... time to get serious and break 80!" -- Joseph M Halliday

"Break 90 on an over 7,000 yard course." -- Tim Hirt

"Break 100." -- Robert Bass

"Break 90!" -- Linda McCormack

"Play more and break 80." -- Niels Bredahl

"Break 85." -- Matt Delle Donne

6. A hole-in-one. Ahhh... the Holy Grail of golf shots. Hopefully you play enough golf in 2013 to have many, many opportunities at snagging an ace of your own.

Facebook fan quotes:

"A hole-in-one after 45 years trying." -- Steve Andres

"An Ace... and try to instill in the young kids playing that it's not about 300 yard drives or a score. It's a game. Enjoy it." -- Joe Backen

5. Take your game more seriously. You always want golf to be fun, but -- let's face it -- the more you play the better you get and the better you get the more fun you have.

Facebook fan quote:

"Get more serious about my game." -- Don Harrison

4. Get your handicap into single digits. And, once you get it there, maintain it.

Facebook fan quotes:

"Reach single digit handicap." -- Serge Palin

"Get down to a single digit handicap." -- Jess Allen

3. Keep an even keel on the golf course. Don't get too high and don't get too low. A great attitude is worth at least a few shots saved over the course of any given round.

Facebook fan quote:

"Maintain an even temperament." -- Eric Eisnor

2. Improve your short game. This sure makes sense and we were surprised that more people didn't chime in with this. After all, most of the shots you hit in a round are from 100 yards and in.

Facebook fan quote:

"Better short game." -- Tim Wacker

1. Play more golf. When it comes to accomplishing any goal in golf, it means you need to play more. So, making that the No. 1 goal for 2013 seems like a hole-in-one!

Facebook fan quotes:

"Play more golf... and dedicate myself to getting back to 'scratch.'" -- Rodger Cooper

"Golf more!" -- Margie Movalson

"Play more GOLF!" -- Kelly B. Brockman

"Play at least twice a month once the weather starts to break." -- Andre Walker

"PLAY MORE GOLF!" -- Chris Mendoza