PGA Championship 2018: There's a 17K watch for sale at Bellerive. Here's that and our other favorites.

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PGA Championship 2018: There's a 17K watch for sale at Bellerive. Here's that and our other favorites.

ST. LOUIS – We explored the PGA Championship gift shop at Bellerive Country Club and picked out our favorite golf items, among the walls of official 100th PGA Championship gear that included shirts, hats, cups, posters, golf accessories and more.

Oh yes, and an Omega watch that goes for nearly $17,000.

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Here are 15 of the best items.

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PGA Championship Divot Repair Tool Set

Repair Tool Set.

Price: $19

After massive rain storms swept through St. Louis on Tuesday, don't be surprised if a few players stop by the gift shop to pick up some extra repair tool sets. The set includes three different official PGA Championship ball markers and a divot-repair tool to fix the green when we stripe those iron shots stiff.

PGA Championship Bottle Opener

Bottle opener.

Price: $16

With temperatures projected to reach the mid-90s in St. Louis on Thursday and Friday, there might not be a better way to cool off than with a cold beverage. This regal bottle opener is all that's keeping you from your drink of choice. The leather strap is a nice touch.

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100th PGA Championship Bag Tag

Bag tag.

Price: $16

Stand out from the crowd by adding a 100th PGA Championship bag tag. It's a simple but aesthetically pleasing design. There's only one 100th PGA Championship and you were there, so why not let the rest of the golf world know too.

PGA Championship Pin Flag

Pin flag.

Price: $16

Whether you buy this pin flag and hope to fill it with autographs of the biggest stars on the PGA Tour, hang it on the wall of your man cave or add it to your collection of pin flags, this is a must-get item. It also wouldn't hurt to have proof you were at Bellerive if this is where Jordan Spieth completes the career grand slam or Tiger Woods wins his first PGA Tour event in five years.

PGA Championship Wooden Golf Tees

Golf tees.

Price: $3

Embrace your inner Bryson DeChambeau, the winner of the 2018 PGA Championship Long Drive Competition with a 331-yard drive on the 10th hole at Bellerive on Tuesday, with this multi-colored assortment of official PGA Championship wooden golf tees.

PGA Championship Shot Glass

Shot glass.

Price: $7

If you're looking to buy a commemorative 100th PGA Championship item without having to spend a lot of money, consider the official 2018 Bellerive shot glass.

PGA Championship Coozie


Price: $7

Can you tell how hot it is in the afternoons at Bellerive based on how many drink-related accessories we chose? Keep your drinks cold with an 100th PGA Championship coozie, which features the official logo as part of a larger design.

PGA Championship Tie


Price: $65

Everyone needs a sharp-looking tie, if not a strong rotation of several ties, so why not add to your collection with a red, yellow or blue PGA Championship tie?

PGA Championship Rambler


Price: $28

It's important to get a mug that can keep cold drinks cold and warm drinks warm, especially in St. Louis, where one gift shop employee said the city can "experience all four seasons in one week." This sleek rambler cup is great for lemonade, coffee and anything in between.

PGA Championship Growler


Price: $38

Since St. Louis is home to Anheuser-Busch, the world's largest brewer, we had to include a commemorative PGA Championship growler, which you could use to fill up with local flavor at one of the city's numerous breweries.

PGA Championship Golf Balls

Golf balls.

Price: $11 for a three-pack

Of course we have to include a box of official Titleist PGA Championship golf balls among our favorite items. Whether you use them in a round (make sure your drives are accurate if you do!) or keep them in mint condition as memorabilia, this would be a strong purchase.

PGA Championship Coaster


Price: $8

Coasters are a household item that you often need, whether it's to rest a cold drink or a hot dish, but may not often think about when going shopping or buying gifts. The official PGA Championship logo jumps off the stone, which has a rustic look.

OMEGA SEAMaster Planet Ocean two-tone watch

OMEGA SEAMaster Planet Ocean watch.

Part of our goal in exploring the gift shop was finding the most expensive item available in the gift shop. That would be the OMEGA SEAMaster Planet Ocean two-tone watch, which is available for $16,600. As of 11 a.m. CT Wednesday, no one had purchased the model.

For perspective, last year at the 2017 PGA Championship allotted $19,600 to the 70th-place finisher.

PGA Championship Polos


Price: $85

A classic golf polo is a staple for any golfer's wardrobe, so why not add another shirt to your closet with a striped or solid PGA Championship polo? These shirts have a light fit and will help you from overheating on a warm day.

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PGA Championship hats


Price: $28

These hats provide the best worlds – a structured fit that will comfortably fit your head while also using lightweight material. There are more color combinations, styles and designs than you can imagine, so stop by the shop and keep trying them on until you find the right fit.