PGA Tour: Komodo dragon takes the course at CIMB Classic

By Austin R. Vaughn
Published on

From time to time, animals find their way on to a golf course. Typically, the animals are pretty normal: a snake, a fox, deer or an occassional alligator at a tournament down in Florida.

But, professional golf doesn't just take place in the United States, and the international animals sauntering around the links can be more exotic.

There was the infamous capybara infestation at the Olympics in Rio de Janiero, Brazil, earlier this year, and today, golfers competing in the CIMB Classic found themselves on the same course as a dragon.

Yes, an actual dragon.

Well, a Komodo dragon, and this guy wasn't the first Malaysian reptile to take a closer look at the tournament.

A 6-foot python had to be removed from TPC Kuala Lampur before the start of Friday's second round.

Luckily, none of these exotic reptiles harmed any athletes or held up play for too long, and Justin Thomas was able to successfully defend his title on Sunday.