Stay Connected This Off-Season

By Jack Dillon
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Stay Connected This Off-Season

For many parts of the country, the weather is getting colder. As we approach the holiday season, our rounds of golf are trending downwards too. Maybe you've taken the clubs out of the trunk and brought them inside. Maybe you've event built a makeshift short game practice area in the garage.

As an experienced golfer, or at least one who has worked hard to improve, you will most likely miss your golf network: playing partners, staff, professionals and everyone else who made you feel at home on the course over the previous year. Staying connected to this network during your off-season can help you bridge the gap between now and your next round of golf.

I suggest you will want to keep working on your golf skills whether you plan to play over the winter or not.  Before you go into golf hibernation, set a time to chat with your PGA or PGA professional.  Ask your golf professional for an exercise and strengthening program that keeps you and your body connected to the game.  If you are physically able, make time to stretch daily, working the golfing muscles, and develop healthy out-of-season discipline.  When the bell rings next spring, you can then hit that practice range ready with mid-season strength and confidence.

Here are some ideas to think about as you end this golf season:

  • Have a written plan developed with your golf professional
  • Develop a schedule and calendar for stretching and strength training
  • If there are indoor range facilities in town, ask your professional if it is a good idea for you to hit some balls once/twice a week
  • Stay connected to your putter by practicing putts around the house
  • Review the 2015 season.  Write out your highlights and lowlights
  • Develop your 2016 goals for golf.  Make them specific
  • If you have the opportunity to play in a warm-weather spot this winter keep it simple.  Have expectations for lots of relaxed fun on the course, with no pressure on the card
  • Stay connected to your PGA and LPGA golf professional each month through a specific e-mail.  As you communicate with your pro, even out of season, you will feel so much better about next year

Golf is rarely a 12 month sport.  Even the playing professionals want and need time away from the game.

As you have these next several months for the other important things in life, think your best thoughts about the game and the great fun that awaits you in 2016!


Written by contributing author Jack Dillon of "High Fives"