Grab a friend and Get Golf Ready

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Grab a friend and Get Golf Ready

Some things are just a whole lot more enjoyable with friends.  Golf lessons are no exception.  One of the great features of Get Golf Ready is that you can learn about the game with others.

My friend Kathy and I had always wanted to play, but we didn’t know where to go, who to talk to or how to get started.  I had done some research online and found a few courses around me offering instruction, but most of them were advertising individual private lessons.  It wasn’t until I saw the Get Golf Ready advertisements that I knew …  this is exactly what I’ve been looking for!

We were pleasantly surprised during that first session when our PGA Pro, Jennifer, greeted us in the parking lot.  She showed us around the facility explaining the layout, some golf terminology and what to expect. Honestly, I thought we would go straight to the lesson tee…I never anticipated all of the extra attention.  I don’t know if all of the Get Golf Ready classes begin the same way, but I’m grateful that ours did.

Over the next five weeks, Jennifer taught us how to swing a club, how to putt and how to hit out of the sand.  She made it clear from the start that this was a process and that we were just beginning our golf journey.  I didn’t fully understand what she meant by that, but I trusted that she knew exactly how to help us improve from beginner to proficient golfers.

I’ll never forget the first time that Kathy and I got to play on the actual course.  It was our last Get Golf Ready and it was so thrilling…my first tee shot in front of the entire group went out about 150 yards.  The sound of the club hitting the ball, watching it fly through the air and land in the fairway … amazing!

Jill and I had such a great time that we’ve started playing with some of our other friends.  We’re both still learning…some shots are good and some not so good.  That’s all part of the game.  I think what I love most about playing golf is just being with my friends.  No phones, no email, just sunshine and green grass.  I’m so glad I did this…I wish I would have taken it up years ago.


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