A Quick Nine: What do you like about Fall golf?

By T.J. Auclair, Interactive Producer
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A Quick Nine: What do you like about Fall golf?

There's less daylight and the weather might be getting cooler as winter approaches in various parts of the country, but that doesn't mean it's time to put the clubs in the closet for the winter just yet.

In fact, in places like New England, there may be no better time of year than the fall to play golf. With that in mind, for this week's, 'A Quick Nine,' feature, we asked our Facebook fans the following: What is the best part of playing golf this time of year?

Here's what you had to say:

1. The wind. It's certainly brisk, but also refreshing and can make some long holes short and short holes long.

Facebook fan quotes:

"The wind! Love the wind! Played Chambers Bay yesterday in 20 mph winds! It was amazing fun!" -- Danny Lewitzke

"The cool breeze and being comfortable." -- Jeff Euphrat

2. The weather. As a native New Englander, I'd have to agree - nothing beats the weather this time of year, especially when you get a sneaky warm day without the humidity. It's just absolutely perfect.

Facebook fan quotes:

"This is golf weather! 70's and lower! Anything hotter you should be swimming." -- John Scherder

"So many reasons… Gortex, Under Armour, mudders, spiked coffee, no crowds, 2 gloves, pocket heaters, time for sheep herding (ball searching), breakfast Denver burritos (wrap, egg, bacon, green and red peppers, red onion, cheese all griddled up hot and rolled up like a fatty) and the staff is thrilled to see anyone… even me!" -- Dave Marney

"Not sweating just being able to relax and put on full focus." -- Tyson Emery

"Enjoying all the wonderful scenes and sounds and scents of fall and winter while searching for my ball among the millions of large leaves. AHHH golf." -- Dan Miller

"Lower humidity, less rain, beautiful weather!" -- Sandra Bass-Hickling

"Love the cooler weather. Can't stand humid heat during the summer months." -- Patsy Polk Hartsook

3. Less expensive to play. Who doesn't love bargain golf?

Facebook fan quotes:

"Here in the Chicago area it is definitely lower prices." -- Gary D. McCoy

"Cheap rates!" -- Alex Rule

"Rates go down, pace of play is quicker, easy to find your ball in the rough since the grass isn't growing... what's not to love?" -- Neil Swartz

"WINTER RATES!" -- Troy Thierolf

4. Courses are less crowded. While golf is supposed to be relaxing for and enjoyable for everyone, it can quickly become tense and annoying on a crowded course when you're waiting on every shot and pushing a six-hour round. What fun is that? Not a worry in the fall months.

Facebook fan quotes:

"Fall golf is the best here in NJ... courses less crowded, nice cool temperatures, colorful trees." -- Dennis Schaub

"Less crowded courses in MA this time of year let me play with my 10 and 12-year-old sons on the weekend." -- Ken DePasacreta

"More time to practice on the course, less players!!" -- Peter Owens

"Definitely the less crowded courses. Also for some reason I seem to play better but I don't know why that is." -- Nicole Condit Duncan

"Not as crowed and slower players are fair weather golfers anyway." -- Ed Boling

"There is almost no one on the course. I can start off right from my backyard and get 19-20 holes in before dark." -- Greg Dobson

5. There's a better appreciation. Let's face it, folks, post-Veterans Day rounds are simply a bonus, or icing on the cake.

Facebook fan quotes:

"It's a state of mind that you are ending a season and NOW today's round is more appreciated. It's like stealing to get extra rounds of golf in November. Less people, better greens as grass goes dormant, and knowing that beyond the round is shoveling snow!!!" -- Jon Stadler

"Knowing you should be working instead." -- Paul Turner

"It's a bonus if the weather is nice this time of year, so you appreciate it more!" -- Deb Conner Shulski

6. Pace of play. Similar to less-crowded courses, I guess, but pace of play is huge for a lot of people. In the cooler months, people are more prone to finish quicker - it gets windy, cold and there's less daylight. You need to move it to sneak in 18 holes.

Facebook fan quotes:

"Pace of play is better, courses look great (until the leaves fall off, which they've started doing here), and fall rates." -- Gary Griffin

7. New clubs. Chances are, you can find a lot of deals on golf clubs as the season winds down. Rather than wait until the spring when the prices go up, why not get a set now and get break it in?

Facebook fan quote:

"Looking for new set golf clubs right now is the time." -- Jeffrey Rupchak

8. The foliage. Absolutely breathtaking. That's the only way to describe the foliage in the fall in New England when you're playing a late-season round of golf. The bad shots don't seem so bad as you look around at the beauty that surrounds you.

Facebook fan quotes:

"It's the beautiful change of seasons that I love this time of year... the golf course has some of the most amazing fall views worth keeping!" -- Marilyn Sheldon

"The beauty of the trees turning colors and when the sun is shining on them the white sand it's all God's art work!!!" -- Chris Gagle

9. Extra roll. As the weather gets colder, the courses firm up. The extra yardage on a well struck tee shot is nice, but it is a bit of a bummer on rock-hard greens.

Facebook fan quote:

"The extra roll in the fairway in Wyoming this time of year is an added bonus!" -- Becky Marsh