How to Play Some of the Scariest Shots in Golf

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There are certain shots that strike a bit of fear into every player, regardless of their game. For some people, it's a pressure putt, for others it's a forced carry but every golfer knows that feeling when they have to take an extra second in their routine and focus a bit more because seemingly disaster is lurking everywhere. And while we don't have time to cover every scary shot, we found three harrowing scenarios the pros found themselves in and had PGA Coach Keith Stewart walk us through how to escape the danger with our low score intact. So be sure to take notes so when you find yourself in trouble, you'll be feeling a lot more confident in your play. Check them out. Collin Morikawa Hits into a Tucked Pin Nelly Korda Escapes the Pine Straw Rory McIlroy Splashes It Close To get tips for any scenario you might find on the course, be sure to connect with a PGA Coach in your area!