Watch the fun, taunt-filled commercial for the Tiger-Phil Match

By Wayne Staats
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Watch the fun, taunt-filled commercial for the Tiger-Phil Match

The playful taunts have been rolling in with the Tiger-Phil $9 million showdown not too far away. Now they're happening in commercial form.

With The Match set for Friday, Nov. 23 from Shadow Creek in Las Vegas, both Tiger and Phil are having fun in a commercial for the event.

"I will win," Tiger said.

"Easiest $9 million I've ever made," Phil said.

A version of that joke appears to be Phil's go-to, though this time it was twisted the other way. When they announced The Match in August, Phil joked that Tiger thinks it will be the easiest $9 million he would ever make.

The Match will be shown exclusively on B/R Live and on DirectTV. You can find information on B/R Live here. The commerical teases that both players will be mic'ed up as the two battle in a $9 million match.


The 30-second commercial is full of fun taunts by both Tiger and Phil, who have combined to win 19 major titles.

"This is something that people will remember," said Tiger, who won on the PGA Tour for the first time in five years at the TOUR Championship last month.

"Tiger and I both depserately want to win," Phil said.

But the best line is saved for the end, as it also has Tiger showing off a big grin and a laugh:

"We're going to beat each other's brains in," he said.

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