Watch new Guinness World Record set for longest putt

By Dan McDonald
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Watch new Guinness World Record set for longest putt

What's the longest putt you've ever made? 30 feet? 60 feet?

Guarantee it's not as long as the one you're about to watch.

According to the record keepers at Guinness World Records, Australian YouTube stars How Ridiculous set a new mark for "Longest Golf Putt - Non-Tournament" at 135.67 yards.



The achievement toppled the previous record held by Fergus Muir, of Scotland, who made a 125-yard ace using an 80-year-old hickory-shafted putter in 2001.

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While not quite 9-iron or pitching wedge distance, this 100-foot putt at the PGA Championship (with only one try at it) by PGA Professional Johan Kok in 2014 is one of the longest that we've seen in tournament play in recent memory.




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