What are your golf goals for 2018?

By T.J. Auclair
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What are your golf goals for 2018?

One of the many beautiful things about golf is that you can always get better.

Perfection is impossible in this game, but there are no limitations on improvements.

Whether it's to reach a milestone score, limit three-putts, tighten up the short game, or hit more booming drives, avid golfers of all ability levels set personal goals for a new year.

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With that in mind, we reached out to our hundreds of thousands of friends in Facebook Nation and asked: What are your golf goals for 2018?

Here's a look at a collection of the best answers we received:

"I’ve broken 90 a few time in 2017 but My goal is to do it consistently. Also, I’m 6’3, 225 and I only belted it more than 300 once, (302) I’d like to do that regularly." -- T Moran Whitney

"Play in the Warrior Open! The day after the Byron Nelson at the amazing new course in South Dallas, Trinity Forest!" -- Timothy Gaestel

"Shoot under par! Made it to even for the first time in 2017, lowered handicap to 4 so see if I can get to 3." -- Tyler Tuggyb Bradshaw

"Try to eliminate stupid shots (i.e. big duffs) and keep nerves under control (when being watched by other groups)." -- Richard Larsen

"Be more consistent one day I’ll shoot even par or better and the next I’m 12 over. It gets pretty exhausting." -- Austin Eugene Doughty

"To quit worrying about my score so much throughout the round. Butttt my goal is to break 70 for the first time" -- John Bergmann

"Get down as close to scratch as possible. I have a feeling going from 5.8 to scratch is going to be difficult." -- Steven Moreno

"A bogey free 18 holes. I got very close this season with 16 pars, 1 birdie and 1 bogey." -- Dan Sanders

"More consistent, and to break 80." -- Joseph Alvarado

"Shoot in the 80s consistently." -- Kenny Howard Britzius

"Play at least 3 times in a month." -- Antonio Pagan Gavino

"Stop losing focus that’s causing me to throw away shots." -- James P McNamee

"Lower handicap to 7. Win 2 of my monthly club events. Make semifinals of individual match play tournament." -- Glenn Pryor

"Shoot in the 80s consistantly and break into 70s." -- Matthew Acunto

"Play more golf." -- Chad Burgess

"Be more competitive. Win a tournament." -- Dana Simpson

"GOT to putt better." -- Jason Settle

"To shoot under 80 for the first time." -- Jeremiah Cunningham

"To make an birdie." -- Michael Erwin Brandtner

"Distance control with irons... I've got to get better in order to get better." -- Chris Barber

"Hole in one! Break 80! Get out on the course more often!" -- Brad Filipiak

"Just keep doing what I doing and more lessons and play more than 3 times a week." -- Dean Taylor

"To hit as many greens as possible." -- Stu Sinclair