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Andy C Alderdice

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Newport Beach , CA
AA Golf Academy , Newport Beach, CA

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This is an indoor Golf Studio - AA Golf Academy, we Video your swing and send it to you with notes after the lesson. We have access to the greatest launch monitor such as a GC QUAD by Foresight Sports during the lesson. This is an accurate launch monitor that gives the player exact feedback on what the club and ball are doing during the golf swing. It measures the following:

Club Data Clubhead Speed Smash Factor Angle of Attack Club Path Face Angle Loft and Lie at Impact Impact location on the Club Face Ball Data Horizontal and vertical launch angles Spin Side Spin Carry Distance

My Approach - We always start with a Body Assessment by Brandon who specializes in Sports Medicine, Athletic Training, Physical Therapy and has his master's degree in Kinesiology (Exercise Science). We will talk about what your goals would be and what it may take to reach those goals. After that it's time to hit some shots, make corrections and use the launch monitor as a guide for feedback on the swing. We may also use swing aids, drills, visual demonstration, reading assignments, or video analysis to assist with making improvement faster.

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