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Bradenton, FL
Heritage Harbour GC

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I started with a handicap of 20. I've been able to cut my handicap by 10 and now play with more confidence. He definitely cares about his clients and looks for improvement each lesson. I have been able to break 80 all thanks to Brad!

-Peter Colberg
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Helping players achieve their goals.

Getting Started

Learn the basics

Avoid embarrassment on the first tee

Get comfortable for business golf

Having More Fun

Connect with golfers of similar age

Connect with golfers of similar skill

Have more fun on the course

Improving Your Game

Break 100

Break 80

Break 90

Add 10 yards

Improve your Short Game

Make the high school golf team

Prepare for Tournament Golf

Earn a college golf scholarship

Get swing diagnostic testing

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Improve with Brad.

Full Swing
Short Game
Course Strategy
Tournament Strategy
Social Engagement
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Brad's Facilities

Heritage Harbour GC

Bradenton FL

*Coaching available to public


8000 Stone Harbour Loop, Bradenton, FL 34212-9328

Facility Offerings
Private Golf Lessons With Trackman4

Why guess when you can measure? Use the same technology that the pros use... Trackman 4 will allow us to pinpoint the quickest way for you to hit more solid golf shots.

Group Golf Lessons

If you like learning in a group, are looking for golfing friends or just spending time with current friends, attending one the golf clinics may be for you.

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