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Brent Wilkerson

MCG Lead Instructor


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Potomac, MD
Falls Road Golf Course, Potomac, MD

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If you could remove one element from your game, what would it be? Multiple 3-putts? Leaving it in the bunker after several attempts?

What would you add to your arsenal in order to make the biggest impact on your round? Would it be a go to shot off the tee with your driver? How about a simple pitch shot around the green?

Your journey to happier and simpler days on the course are ahead of you and Brent can help lead the way as you advance past boundaries that once seemed impossible.

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Brent in Action

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Brent in Action

Recent Photos


"Brent helped my son significantly improve the foundations of playing the game of golf; along with teaching, Brent has also instilled a love of the game. My son feels so fortunate to have found a great golf coach in Brent!"

Theresa H


"Brent watched me hit a few shots and made a few adjustments in my set up and the results have been amazing. It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or expert Brent is the man for you. Plus he can flat out send it..."

Bill M


"I can not say enough about Brent. My son (age 5) began lessons this year and when the season ended my son felt accomplished and is very much looking forward to more lessons. You can’t ask for more than that! Thank you Brent!"

Danny U


"Brent Wilkerson is a fabulous , patient coach. I would recommend him to anyone who is trying to play the game for the first time as well as someone who is fine tuning their game."

Larry G


"5 stars! I have seen Brent teach beginners like me, along with people who have played their entire life. He is not only gifted at the sport, but has found his gift in teaching."

Katie M

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Falls Road Golf Course

Potomac MD

*Coaching available to public

10800 Falls Rd, Potomac, MD 20854-4409

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