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Hi I'm Bryan and I'm a PGA Certified Professional, Swing Coach and Entrepreneur residing near Sandusky, Ohio. I give students a full 3D view of their swing with diagnosis, drills and plans for improvement, all through online technology. No matter where you're located, I can help you improve your game and lower your scores!

I first became a PGA Professional in the year 1999. While following many passions both in and out of golf, I discovered a talent and love for the game of golf.

My clients are getting fantastic results in not only their golf games but in business AND in life from my full system that includes mindset training.

Here's a bit more about me...

-Played in 2 PGA Tour sanctioned events as a Professional (Nationwide Tour) -Former PGA Head Golf Professional / Director of Golf for 9 years at Multiple Private Country Clubs -Taught Thousands of Golf Lessons to All Skill Levels certified professional -Marketing Fanatic -Owner of 2 Separate Course Records (9 under par eighteen holes / 8 under par nine holes) -Multiple Local Professional Tournament Victories -Graduated With BSBA In Marketing From John Carroll University -Investor / Owner of Multiple Businesses Since 2004 -Perpetually Tortured Cleveland Sports Fan -Father of 2 Awesome Boys

The beauty of my program is that it is all virtual. I can accept coaching students from all over the world. So if you're interested in what I have to offer and you're not in my local area in Ohio, it's not a problem and I can get you great results if you have a phone! Let's talk soon.

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Bryan in Action

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"Bryan is truly inspiring. He has worked tirelessly to master a methodology that has helped tens of thousands of people go from mere motivation to actionable transformation. Amazing guy to have in your corner in golf, business, and life."

Peter Hill - Executive Coach to Expats Around the World


"Bryan has such great experience and seems to always be thinking about things that others are not."

Bob Mangat - Business Owner


"Bryan comes with over 20 years of real experience and was able to give great insight on what it takes to be successful."

Scott Theaman - Business Owner


“I won 3 club events this year and I hadn't won a thing in 5 years. It is 100% because of the training I went through with Bryan!”

Mike From Ohio


“It's really more than eye opening, it's MIND opening! If you want to shave strokes on your score or improve mentally on and off the course, you need to work with Bryan.”

Mac - Asst Golf Pro

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