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Cale Hansen

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Surprise, UT
Valley View Golf Course, Layton, UT

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Growing up in a golfing family my love for the game grew, from junior tournaments to high school events. Playing college golf is where I learned in more detail about the golf swing and what is needed to play golf at a high level. Teaching at GOLFTEC I was able to grow my skills in video analysis and learned how important it is to tailor the golf swing to each individual player. I was able to gain experience with many different golf swings from players at all levels so that I can help people get better at golf without putting people through a single swing philosophy. I have a passion for the game and look forward to working with clients, using launch monitor data and swing recordings to accomplish their golf goals.


Cale has a great eye for detail, but never forgets the basics. He's a great coach for both the physical AND mental aspects of golf. If you're looking to make improvements to ANY part of your game, give Cale a call. You'll be glad you did!"

Dan V.

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Valley View Golf Course

Layton UT

*Coaching available to public


2501 E Gentile St, Layton, UT 84040-7502

Fruit Heights UT

*Coaching available to public


1074 Nicholls Rd, Fruit Heights, UT 84037-2608

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