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Cory Payne

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Idaho Falls, ID
Sage Lakes Golf Club, Idaho Falls, ID

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THE BASICS: Starting from scratch? No problem. I'll teach you the fundamentals of the game, ensuring you build a solid foundation for future improvement.

PERSONALIZED LESSONS: I'll customize lessons to fit your needs and skill level, making sure you get exactly what you need to improve.

GREAT WITH JUNIORS: I love working with kids, teaching them the basics and making sure they have fun learning the game.

FIX YOUR SWING: I specialize in fixing swing problems and making sure your grip, stance, and alignment are spot on.

BETTER SCORING: I'll help you master putting, chipping, and pitching so you can score better around the greens.

PROVEN SUCCESS: I've helped many players reach their goals, whether it's breaking a personal record or competing at a higher level.

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Sage Lakes Golf Club

Idaho Falls ID

*Coaching available to public

100 E 65th N, Idaho Falls, ID 83401-5689

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