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Alburgh, VT
Alburg Golf Links, Alburg, VT

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I am heading into my 25th year of PGA Membership very soon, and let me tell you, it has been great! I can't even tell you how much fun it is seeing 200 or so of your best friends each and every work!

Although most of my career in Golf has been occupied in Golf Operations, I have been lucky to find myself on the Range to teach at the Lesson Tee once in a while. The word "Teach" isn't quite accurate though, as I have always felt like I was just there to guide the player toward finding the correct answers that they are searching for. When I help someone discover the path to game and personal improvement, and then, find the desired results, I am sure we have worked as an effective team.

Join the Team, let's make a few swings, and find some answers for your "Game of Golf". Let's do it together... at Alburg Golf Links.





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Douglas in Action

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Alburg Golf Links

Alburg VT


Alburg Golf Links is on the Southern Tip of the mainland just 7 miles north of North Hero, Vermont and about 6 miles from the Canadian Frontier. An absolute Gem of a course that began operations in 1963 as a Nine-Hole Membership Course. AGL operates from a large Clubhouse that features "Kraemer & Kin Tap Room" as well as, "Doug's Golf Shop" with facilities that suit large and small parties and groups. Alburg Golf Links also has the best Diving Range in Northern Vermont! If your swing isn't finding the fairway here, you should talk to Doug. The Range looks directly into the LaMotte Pass some 375 yards just below the Range Tees. Alburg Golf Links has a look that makes one think it could easily have been created sometime late in the 19th Century. We are lucky to have the terrain and organic conditions and lay of the land to makes us look somewhat ancient. We work hard to stay out of the way and let nature take it's course. Golf as it meant to be Played!

*Coaching available to public

230 Route 129, Alburg, VT 05440-9674

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