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Russell D. Glasby

Varsity Golf Coach & Junior Golf Expert


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Gaylord, MI
Sugarbush Golf Club

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The game of golf can be challenging, and it is my plan to work closely with you to succeed in reaching your personal or professional goals. Whether to win that bet with a buddy, impress your boss, be social with your girlfriends, hang out with kids your age outdoors, or simply learning and perfecting the skill, I want to be a part of all of it. I will provide a fun and comfortable educational environment that is personalized to instill confidence in every individual.



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James C. Papritan, Jr. Professor Emeritus The Ohio State University

-June 1, 2021 To Whom lt May Concern: I am writing this Letter of Attestation on behalf of Mr. Russell D. Glasby, one of the most caring yet professional golf mentors, I know. This letter will give greater background information to anyone desiring improvement with their golf game. I have known Russell (Mr. Russ) for over 15 years, and I have learned to never be surprised by his efforts, enthusiasm, and dedication to the game of golf, his customers, and peers. A tireless worker, Mr. Russ is one of the most unselfish individuals I have come across both in golf and, more importantly, in everyday life. He exudes confidence that transcends into a "can do" mentality that encourages the more difficult student or associate into greater enjoyment of the game. Mr. Russ' drive to better himself as a golf professional is paralleled by very few in the Professional Golfers Association (PGA). He knows that teaching principals coexist remarkably well with both mental & physical skills, and when someone is good at both, they both exponentially rocket upwards. Mr. Russ' legacy is to stay ahead and defers to others the satisfaction of keeping up. He has always tinkered with new ways of bettering his instruction methods and refining his philosophy carefully and thoughtfully. Because Mr. Russ is not bashful of seeking advice from other association leaders, his persistence and inquiries lead to a better understanding of the swing by both parties when all is said and done. I never thought a question from Mr. Russ was one and over. One question would lead to two or more thus invoking greater thoughts and my appreciation for the depth of understanding he has for the mental aspect, physical swing and equipment required to allow me and other students of the game from becoming the very best they can be. A remarkable professional, true to the creed of the PGA with the highest integrity. Mr. Russ is a unique and equally qualified professional as can be found (see Glasby Golf Schools, LLC). If there is any further information that I may provide, please do not hesitate to ask. Sincerely, James C. Papritan, Jr. Professor Emeritus The Ohio State University
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Sugarbush Golf Club

Davison MI

*Coaching available to public


1 Sugarbush Dr, Davison, MI 48423-8150

Gaylord MI


*Coaching available to public


1706 Baden Strasse, Gaylord, MI 49735-9354

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