Copper Creek Golf Club

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104 Wheeler Place
Copper Mountain, CO 80443
(970) 968-3333
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The management at this facility should be ashamed of themselves, let me tell you why. First off, the ski bumbs that run this place are too incompetent to reserve a tee time correctly, which pushed us to the right 60 minutes. Then they allowed the guy behind us to check in for his tee time just 2 minutes before he was supposed to tee off? He was also wearing a Kansas City T-shirt with holes in it. But it's okay, this facility doesn't care about golf etiquette because they also allow people to play in Spandex and Hoodie's. Play was drastically slow because a father was letting his children tee it up so they could hit the ball 4 feet. No Ranger. Also, no driving range. Instead, they have nets to hit into because apparently they don't have enough land on their thousands of acres they own. Best part - they pair us up with beginners that hack up chunks of grass with each stroke. Skipping holes 5 & 6 was the best part of this round... at least we could jump ahead of traffic and get away from the tourist. Hole 8 was awesome... unsupervised children were running across the fairway, picking up our golf balls and throwing them in the creek. No Ranger or parents could be found anywhere. The course was actually in good condition - fairways & greens. BUT - this facility is not a golf course. It's a day care ran by 20 year old ski bumbs that need to secure a summer job. A touristic haven where parents can let their children run rampant through the fairways. So, if you want to pay premium green fees for a round of put put... this is your place. But hey - the food was good while we were waiting for our imaginary Tee Time. I will return when the management gets a complete overhaul.

Course Details/History

  • Architect Name – Pete Dye, ASGCA/Perry Dye, ASGCA
  • Regulation Length Holes – 18
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Gold tee7067.61246,094
Gold tee7068.21156,057
Blue tee7065.91175,742
Blue tee7066.31105,735
White tee7063.01105,159
Red tee7063.61074,374
Front Nine
Gold tee3393792194423385021193662983002
Gold tee3493822184413394941193592642965
Blue tee3313651964153164881173372892854
Blue tee3413731964143184811113332562823
White tee3223651743862884201052822772619
Red tee200317116306208399832682412138
Back Nine
Gold tee3795541685083341464211684143092
Gold tee3695531675083321434381674153092
Blue tee3605341454993121333891583582888
Blue tee3565321444993091354201583592912
White tee3484591324302491213551393072540
Red tee309424124392224772741242882236
*Par value varies depending on tee boxes used.